Boarding your pet with us can be good for your pet, especially with Covid-19 keeping so many pets at home with just their family. Socialization is important for your pet, and the inability for them to be out amongst other people and pets can cause them to become fearful of anyone other than their family. Boarding, daycare, grooming– all of these are beneficial to your pet’s socialization, but if these aren’t options, check into other ways to get your pet out without putting you or them at risk. Maybe take them for a hike, or a ride in the car so they can at least see the outside world from a different perspective. And, though this article I’m going to link to is discussing ways to socialize puppies during Covid-19, these would also be good for adult pets as well.

If you are looking to board or groom your pet, including daycare, please give us a call at 505-884-7878 and we will gladly schedule your pet for a visit!