Dog Boarding Academy Boarding Kennel’s of AlbuquerqueYour pet’s safety and comfort is the highest priority at Academy Boarding Kennels. We want your pet to look forward to spending special time with us at Academy.

Our experienced well trained staff of animal lovers are on duty to make sure your pet and you have a great experience at Academy Boarding Kennels.Dog Boarding Academy Boarding Kennel’s of Albuquerque

Upon check in our receptionist will be glad to take your feeding instructions using our food or yours and any medication instructions if needed during your pet’s stay. The receptionist will ask if you wish to add a daily playtime during your pet’s stay. Also, we would suggest a “going home” groom/bath on your pet’s departure day.



Dog Boarding Kennels AlbuquerqueBoarding of Dogs

Our canine boarding guests enjoy comfortable, spacious private suites consisting of their own sleeping area with their own adjoining run in our spacious, airy, sunny atrium area. The large dogs are boarded along side other large dogs, while the small, medium and older dogs are boarded along side each other.

Our kennel is fully climate controlled year round and pets have freedom to rest or exercise and explore as they wish. You can expect your pet to have comfortable bedding, fresh water and high quality meals. We clean our kenneling area with a safe detergent that is well rinsed and dried before allowing our guests to return to either their sleeping or atrium run area. If a special diet or medication is required, please feel free to bring your food and/or medication with feeding and/or medication instructions.



Cat Boarding AlbuquerqueBoarding of Cats

Cats are housed away from our canine guests in a brightly lit room with a sky light to add to the room’s brightness. During business hours our cats generally listen to country music. Their enclosure has a perch to allow them to view their surroundings. We provide our cat guests with a comfy cushion along with a kitty litter box that is changed daily.Cat Boarding Albuquerque


Cats are fed a premium cat food (dry or moist) or owners per your instructions. Each cat is allowed to periodically roam the cattery to stretch their legs and check out the other guests.



Boarding of Birds and Exotics

Bird Boarding AlbuquerqueWe have 2 rooms with indirect heating for birds, small animals and exotics. Both rooms are away from the likely noise of our canine guests and safely away from our feline guests. We will be glad to feed your food (we have a refrigerator available) for all these special pets in your family. Owners bring these pets in cages to our exotic rooms for us to assist them in setting their pets up for their stay with us.


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